Sunday, May 12, 2013

Love you Mom!

For those of you following me on other forms of social media, you may already know about this. So I'm sorry for the repeats. On Thursday my mom was rock climbing at a rock gym that she goes to every week. A winding mechanism on a slack line broke, and struck my mom in the face and hands. Let's just say she got kind of jacked up... she had 4 broken bones in her face, broke both of her hands, and had multiple lacerations. Apparently it was her wearing her glasses that saved her eye from sustaining any damages (it was swollen shut, but the eye is fully functioning). On Friday she had back to back surgeries to put plates in her face and pins/screws in her hands. So far she is recovering well and is headed home today. We all really appreciate your prayers and support.

I'm sad to see my mom all banged up on mothers day, but I'm so glad that she wasn't hurt more seriously. Thankfully though, my mom is one tough cookie! I mean hello, she rock climbs in her spare time :) My mom is amazing, and is also a wonderful grandmother. She is always so sweet and patient and fun. I could not have asked for a better mother. I love you so much mom! GET WELL SOON! ♥

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