Thursday, April 4, 2013


This Easter was brought to you by Mok and Pok. We got Henry a new outfit, and a cute little Easter basket. His outfit was a little big on him...we got 18 month sizes, but then the shirt is untucked it's a little large. The pants seemed humongous, and then later I noticed the tag said 24 months. Oops!

No candy for this dude! We did get him some cookie treats though :) And a toy train and some Elmo "eggs"

He was so happy with his basket. It was adorable.

It was cute to see him carrying it around, and holding it up to his face to "give it love"

Even Jay-Z got to have some fun with Easter
We had a wonderful Easter. I posted a lot more pictures of Henry over on his blog. It was just too cute to see him all decked out in his new clothes and enjoying all the little parts of his basket. My favorite of it all though was seeing him carry it around and hold it to his face while saying "Awww". So precious. Thank you so much Mok and Pok! And I hope everyone was able to enjoy the day with their families :)

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