Tuesday, April 17, 2012


wow i'm behind on my blogging...oops! we've been keeping pretty busy lately. so, to catch up: over easter weekend we drove down to arizona to surprise my mom. if you haven't seen the video of this, you really need to watch it!!

the first night we got there we went out and ateat chili's.
henry was happy for about 10 minutes and then was super tired.
either that or he likes crying at chili's...
i had to take him outside and he ended up falling asleep.
thankfully we got these cute pictures before the cranky episode began:

they were (of course) thrilled to see Henry :)

Henry was so adorable and sweet (here's the evidence!)

h&m model, whaaat?

on saturday we went to wickenburg in the morning
for lunch we went to tastee freeze. henry had a swell time

henny and daddy :)

henny with rachel. his face is hilarious in this picture so i had to post it haha
don't worry, he also makes normal faces too:

sometimes henny wasnt quite sure of his surroundings...
but he still had fun and looked cute

he enjoyed chillin with grandma

and she even got to give him a bath to try and wash all the puke off
(in case you didnt know, henry's a barfer)

even though our trip was short, we still had a really good time. henry was an absolute champ on the road. he slept like an angel, and barely cried (just when he was hungry). it did extend the travel time to stop and feed him, but it was a lot more manageable than i thought it would be. thanks mom and dad for letting us stay with you! we had a lovely time ♥

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