Friday, January 6, 2012

3 weeks already?

Henry is 3 weeks old as of yesterday. it doesn't feel like its been that long yet! on tuesday we went in to the pediatrician and did a weight check to make sure he was gaining enough weight without the supplementing. he is certainly doing well! he'd gained about 2 ounces a day (he was 8lbs 13oz). this little boy will be a chunkster before we know it :)

chillin' after bath time.
my friend mellissa made the awesome towel (those are gambel oak leaves on it!)

i LOVE this picture!

we made the switch over to cloth diapers this week. adorable, no?

he makes the best faces :)

and finally, this picture is for uncle bj. *no paparazzi!*


Liv said...

He's so handsome!

Emelro said...

hahaha he looks like he is singing in every single picture. i love him!!!! such a stud.

The Blairs said...

Ha.Ha.Ha...he does look like he is singing. What a cute little guy. He gets it from his favorite Auntie :)

Honeybee said...

Adorable...of course. I miss you guys. I'll have to make it to come visit soon. :) And cute towel...