Thursday, December 22, 2011

what else?

henry photo dump. sorry for anyone who is getting tired of seeing my adorable baby. maybe someday soon when i get my normal brain back i will branch out to some other topics on the blog ;) haha. speaking of losing my mind...we do have some funny incidents that have happened since we got home from the hospital...

example 1:
josh came to wake me up one morning and i started searching around the bed for something. he asked "what are you doing!?" and i replied "looking for the button to lift up the bed..." he stared for a second and then said "'re at home in your own bed!" haha. i woke up thinking i was in the hospital still...yikes!

example 2:
the other day i was plugging my cell phone charger in, and it was dark, and i was having troubles. josh was already asleep in bed and just goes "shhhhhhhhhh" in that certain way you do to fussing babies hahaha. it made me laugh pretty hard.

example 3:
this morning henry was crying so i got up. my mom was holding him and couldnt find the pacifier, and then felt it rolled up in the blanket. i had to go to the bathroom so i told her i'd be right back. when i came back it was josh holding henry, and i asked "where were you when my mom was up here?" he was super confused and asked what in the world i was talking about. umm...turns out i went temporarily insane and my mom was never there. it was josh the whole time.

ok, enough with embarrassing hallucinogenic stories. here are the pics!

all my boys!

all swaddled up

trying out his new quilt from my mom

snuggled up with nana (his great-grandma, who visited yesterday)

fashionable. h&m should basically hire him to be a model!

so true (thank you brittany!)

i wish this picture wasnt blurry but i was trying to move fast to capture the moment.
jay-z has actually been sweeter than ever since henry came home. what a good big brother!

4 generations ♥
we're all the oldest children of the previous generation too. pretty cool.

today henry is a week old!! so nuts! i still havent fully come to accept that i am now a mother, but im sure it will continue to slowly sink in :) ok, time to sneak in some sleep!!


Emelro said...

Ok, first of all, I am glad to see you're wearing that sweater! That way I know you weren't just pretending to like it. Bahahaha um and second of all I can't even wait for Saturday. It's much to far away. Move in with us?

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my gosh he is SOOOOOOO cute! Congratulations!