Thursday, December 29, 2011

christmas recap

with henry in the picture, christmas felt kind of weird this year. henry was basically our christmas present, so it felt like christmas had already come. when the hospital brought henry to the recovery room after he'd been all cleaned up and everything, they delivered him in a stocking :) i thought it was adorable:

we went over to emily and dave's house for christmas eve. they made a delicious christmas feast and we had a great time. a girl from our church gave us a christmas outfit for henry as a present, so he wore it that night (until he peed through it and pee went streaming down my boot...). he was adorable, and the feet had little reindeer on them. [pic via emily]

when christmas rolled around, josh and i opened our presents and stockings. the most entertaining present was in jay-z's stocking: a catnip ball toy. he went crazy with it, and it was so fun. we should have taken a video! in this picture you can see it tucked in his paws:

in the afternoon we went over to sarah's house and gave the kids their presents. one of the gifts we got for them was the angry birds game (like the app, but they can set it up in real life). they had a pretty fun time with it. griffin kept calling it the "birdy game".

josh's parents took a picture with all of the grandkids, and then each of sarah's kids got a picture while holding henry (seen here). here are all six grandkids with mimi and bear!

we took a picture of henry with his cousin cameron (who is about 3.5 months old). it's funny because i always used to think cameron was SO tiny. after having henry, cam looks like a giant!! here is a comparison picture of the little cousins :)

this was henry's other christmas outfit, which he was able to wear for all the family pictures, and then we had to change him because he peed through it. he likes to ruin cute outfits/photo-ops by peeing all over them. at least we got some pictures of him in it on christmas (see last blog post too).

christmas ended up being fun and laid back, which worked for us. hope you all had a fabulous holiday! ♥


Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

oh my heavens!!! that little baby in a christmas stocking is absolutely adorable!!! E got a little christmas hat instead of the standard issue baby ones...but not a stocking!!! that's too cute! Did you get to keep it? You'll have to take a pic of him in it every year as your christmas card. Ok - not that I get to decide your christmas cards...but it's a cute idea! lol!!! love you all! -kg

yours truly dear said...

yeah we got to keep it. thats a cute idea! he'll probably still fit it in for another year or two, because it's pretty huge! or maybe it just looks huge because henry is so tiny! :)