Sunday, November 20, 2011

34 weeks

yesterday i hit 34 weeks. i'm almost a mother...WHAT!? **my head just exploded**

nothing super new or different has been going on. henry moves around all the time like a little gymnast, so that should be fun to see how he acts when he gets into the real world... haha. we'll have a little hellion on our hands! last night we went to dinner, saw a movie, and then hung out at our friends house. this was a time frame of about 6-7 hours, and he was moving the entire time. he must have really tuckered himself out, because it was literally constant movement.

i still can't eat a ton of food (booo), but food loves of the week have included blue gatorade, beef jerky, five guys bacon burgers, and wendys homestyle chicken go wraps. yummm. i wish there was a wendys by our house because i would be hitting it up right about now!! and yes, i'm really looking and feeling like a whale these days. sometimes i have to ask josh for help getting out of bed in the mornings. just picture me laying there saying "save the whales! help me up! i'm beached!"

this week i was talking to my mom on the phone one night and jay-z came and snuggled up next to me (usually he is in love with josh so its semi-rare that he will cuddle with me when we're both sitting on the couch). i'm pretty sure he knows all about henry (or he's completely oblivious) because he was laying allllll over him. he was basically just canoodling my baby bump. and it was adorable.

photographic evidence.
[ignore the thunder thigh look, thats an optical illusion!]

i'm getting really excited for christmas decorating (i know, i dont know whats wrong with me either!) so i'm sure that will happen this week and i'll have to post pictures to show off how fabulous our house will look. ok, that was a joke ...sort of ;)


Carrie said...

awe he is loving on that baby!!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Awww he probably already loves the new little one!