Monday, September 5, 2011

23 weeks, and sneak peeks of henry's room!

saturday marked 23 weeks! it also was the day our new nephew cameron was born!! and we also had a fun dinner at red robin with some friends (i'm going to steal some of those pictures later from emily). this past week was good. my favorite foods of the week are twix and taco salad. i just told josh last night that ever since i've had my appetite back i am in LOVE with taco salad. he was like " always liked that," and i said "well duh, but now i want it ALL THE TIME!" haha. sometimes i try to get away with making it twice a week for dinner :)

on friday i got some maternity clothes i ordered (everything that was on sale at motherhood maternity was an extra 40% off and so i got lots of cute clothes for cheap cheap cheap!). so the shirt is new, and the pants are new. the pants were a risk, but they are skinny jeans so i figured it doesn't matter if skinny jeans are a little shorter on me, because i'll just be wearing them with flats. thankfully this pair is super cute, and also freakishly comfortable. i've been wearing them every single day since i got them in the mail haha.

so...about a month and a half ago i was at ikea looking for fabric for curtains for henry's room. they were all sold out of the fabric that i had wanted, so i was just browsing. in the kids section i spotted a duvet cover that i fell in love with. ta daaaa.... curtain fabric! so the duvet was red with white animals on one side, and then the colors were inverted on the other side (white with red animals). so i cut the duvet up and made curtains out of the red w/white animals side:

i didn't really measure anything, i sort of just cut and sewed it, and thankfully all the animals lined up, and the bottom of the curtains lined up. phew! because these were twin-sized duvet covers, i ended up buying two of them. so with each duvet i made one curtain panel. 1 duvet set was $20, and since i ended up using half of each duvet, the curtains were $20 total to make. considering curtains typically start at about $20, i considered it a good deal, especially since i got a pattern that i loved.

with the opposite side of the duvet, i figured i could make coordinating fitted crib sheets! at first i was worried it might be a little too much of the print going on in the room, but i decided to try it out anyway. i used THIS TUTORIAL to make a fitted crib sheet today, and it turned out great! it used up about 3/4 of one duvet panel, so the cost for the material was about $7.50. i got the elastic at hobby lobby for less than a dollar. to round up, we'll say the total cost for one crib sheet was $8.50.

it turned out really well, and it doesn't look too pattern crazy in the room. so overall i'm very pleased! i can make another fitted sheet out of the other duvet panel i have, and i'm also going to be making more out of other material i buy at the fabric store. it's a fun and easy project, and adds a lot of personalization to the room.

so there you have it, a sneak peek of henry's room! :) oh, also--thanks for everyones nice comments on my last post! you are all so sweet and encouraging, i really appreciate it! ♥


Laura said...

You are so insanely creative! That is such a cute pattern! I'm so impressed by your ingenuity!

Whit said...

Ok, first of all, Congrats on the babe! You will love a boy! I didn't think I could waste quite so much money on boy clothes, but I have so warning: cute boy clothes are out there and they will tempt you! P.s., your curtains and sheet are adorable! Super crafty and really really cute. Way to be!

Sarah said...

AWESOME job Jess! I love the print. SO stinkin cute. Makes me want another little boy! Great idea to use a duvet....I'm totally filing away that idea for future use :)


Jennifer said...

You are so crafty I love all your little projects. You are already the best Mom that kid has ever had!

Emily said...

um, ok. i hope we are never pregnant at the same time. it just wouldn't be fair. YOU'RE SO FANTASTICALLY GORGEOUS!! ugh.

Honeybee said...

you are such a domestic diva!!! I love all of your craftiness these days. :) When I grow up I want to be as crafty as you when my kids come along. :)

Elaine said...

love it!!! how adorable!! i love the animals :D