Thursday, July 14, 2011

whats in a name?

well how was that for me to drop a bomb like that and then go MIA? sorry, there was a storm on sunday and our internet hasn't worked since then. it was horrible and we have been really disappointed with the company. well anyways, SORRY, i'm back!!! now to the post:

first of all, if you havent read my last post yet, you'll want to do that before you read this one.

so the first name we picked is Henry. I have ALWAYS loved the name Henry, and i am lucky enough that josh actually really likes it! to be honest, i used to name stuffed animals Henry, and whenever i'd make up/write a story, the main character would often be named Henry. i've just loved it since the first time i heard it. also, josh's great-grandfather's name was Henry, so thats pretty awesome.

the middle name we picked is Gambel. a long time ago we decided that we wanted some sort of plant name in all our kids names. Gambel is a type of oak tree. and it makes a really cool name, so we dig it :)

gambel oak

so there you have it, the magical story behind the name. we still can't believe little Henry is for real, it just seems unbelievable. we are still out of our minds excited!! :D


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Jealous! I love the name Henry but my last name starts with an H and hubs hates having the initials be HH. Lame.

And congratulations by the way! What an amazing miracle!

communikate. said...

that's a great name!

my mother's maiden name is "henrie" and of few of my cousins have named their boys "henry." i love it!

Emily said...

holla!!! little henry, we love you already and can't wait to meeeeet youuuuu! love, auntie and uncle kahuna

Anonymous said...

so what if the doctor is wrong and he turns out to be a Henrietta?

Liv said...

It's so nice when you can easily agree on a name. I'm glad you guys are also able to use something special like plant names to be unique without being annoying :)

I hope the morning sickness subsides for you at some point!