Thursday, April 21, 2011

where oh where has little jess gone?

while somedays work can be stressful, and i feel like its all we do, the truth is its awesome. especially when i have moments like this:

there are horses along the sites where we work, and some are more friendly than others. this particular bunch (there are 5 or 6) are really friendly. sometimes i even bring carrots to work just in case we happen to work near their hangout ♥

what are some highlights of your job?


Meg said...

I love horses, i haven't been on one for years though. The perks of my job...staying home!

Amanda said...

So cute! What a great little break from work :) Looks beautiful where you are too. The perk of my job is talking to interesting people, they tell the greatest stories :)

Emily said...

fun!!! what a sweet job.
make me your assistant.

rubi said...

How cute! Your house is so awesome too! Congrats!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

aww. those are some cute horse. (horses can be cute, right?) i'd love it if my job involved more outdoor time. as it is, the best part of my job is driving to random locations i've never been to before. it's kind of like getting paid to adventure.