Monday, April 18, 2011

home reveal: part 5

da da da daaaa! the master bedroom. we just finished it yesterday. without further ado, here are a billion pictures (sorry, i just took a lot of pictures, so...............if you dont like pictures just come back to my blog later?). and just a disclaimer...i'm not a professional photographer and i dont have a fancy camera that will make all my pictures look good, etc. so please dont judge my pictures, k thanks. ok. here goes:


obviously the theme is purple. duh. and all the colors in the room were pulled from our bedspread (made by my mom)

the picture on the wall is actually a framed piece of ikea fabric. super easy, super cute, and unique (-ish, as long as all of you dont go out and copy me right now... i know its hard to resist because i am so awesome)

no picture of our bedroom is complete without a picture of kitty. he is in love with our bedroom, and is king of the castle. he's always in here. also, we just got this chair and he's obsessed with it.

pictures on our nightstands :) these little framed pictures are from our wedding reception

this is my self-made vanity. its really just a desk. its really hard to find an actual vanity in stores, and at ikea they only had a gray one (and all our furniture is black). so i got the desk, the mirror, and then 2 storage boxes to go underneath to hold all my hair/makeup crap.

josh got me this jewelry box for christmas, and i found the cat ring-holder in a shop in arizona.

works for me!

and here's an up-close of our curtains (ikea of course).

we just bought a plant for our room. and i took this picture to show the colors of the room. i'd say this picture shows the colors pretty true-to-color. just the wall behind the bed is the "accent" wall with the darker purple. its not super noticeable, but i like it that way.

theres our bedroom! the only update we might make is to get a matching bench for the end of the bed. almost our entire bedroom is ikea... so yeah, we might be obsessed. but its cute, so who cares, right? ;) we still have a lot to do around the house, but most of the bigger spaces have been tackled successfully! hip hip hooray!


Darci said...

It looks so good! Did you repaint the purple to a different shade than when I saw it last? Looks different.

Darci said...

It looks so good! Did you repaint the purple to a different shade than when I saw it last? Looks different.

Liv said...

I hate that your room is so clean.

The vanity is awesome; I'm envious!

yours truly dear said...

nope might have just seen it in different lighting or something. when it isnt really bright, or its too bright in the room, the 2 colors blend in a lot more. so even though the lighting isnt that great in the pictures, i think it best shows the difference in the colors...

also, thanks you guys :) haha. and livia, the only reason my room is so clean is because of josh! and also the fact that we were taking pictures haha

Emily said...

your house look AWESOME! we want to copy everything you do. and be you, basically.

rubi said...

i still cant believe you're a grown up with a house. congratulations, it looks great!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

it's gorgeous! wow, you guys did such a great job. i love it - it's so purple-y.

how do you keep jayz from messing with all your stuff? our bad kitties aren't allowed in our bedroom. if they were, i'm pretty sure i'd find necklaces, socks and blankets strewn about the house...
(and yep, i've watched fifi drag her blankie across the room. it's kind of impressive...)