Saturday, March 19, 2011

work adventures

on friday, josh got to go up in the helicopter at work! our company uses helicopters for surveying, as well as to install towers for the transmission line. crazy, huh? so josh went out with our lead wildlife biologist, as well as a biologist from another company involved in the project (and the pilot of course). they were flying along the area where the power line will be, and looking for raptors (birds of prey, not dinosaurs. it would be pretty awesome if they were dinosaurs though...!). they ended up seeing some hawks and eagles.

the helicopter!

a view of salt lake city

he said it was awesome! he didn't get sick, although by the end he had a headache. the biologist from the other company, however, puked. twice. and made the pilot land at one point. i'm glad my husband is so manly that he didnt puke. hahahaha. i told him thank you for not embarrassing me ;)

allegedly i will get to go out in the helicopter next week (!), and i'm pretty excited. i don't really get motion sick, so i dont think i'll have any problems (lets hope not, anyways!).


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Emily said...

i hope he took his jurassic park soundtrack. if he didn't, you should next week.

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

WHOA. that. is. AWEsome! altho i'm 99% sure i'm too chicken to EVER set foot in a heli.

is it sad that i kind of Freak Out everytime i see a hawk or an eagle? i'm still not used to it!