Thursday, March 31, 2011

home reveal: part 2

the kitchen!!

in progress:


we [aka jeff] took down the hood and put in a new microwave above the stove!
the walls are all the same gray as the rest of the main floor, with an accent wall of a charcoal-y color in the back. it's a cool color, because it can look like so many different colors. it's called "space" and i LOVE it!

we moved our zebra to be part of the dining room, which is a nice fit for it that we never would have thought of before (it was actually a family friend who was joking about animal print who even made us think of it!)
someday we might switch out the stools for real chairs, but we bought them when we were desperate and poor, and now we just havent found the perfect high kitchen chairs. if you see any cool reasonably priced ones, let us know!

i have all my chickens along the counterspace. eventually i might put them on top of the cabinets, but for now they are roosting [haha] on the countertops (theres more that arent in the picture). i love my little chickens :)

thats it for now! i'll continue to [slowly] keep updating you on our home reveal! do you like it? ♥


Emily said...

gawgeous darling, just gawgeous. btw, the painting with the table-- magical.

Amanda said...

Wow! It looks amazing - great job :)

Love the little chickens!!

Mandi said...

looking good! I love seeing how people decorate their homes.

Wonderland Papers said...

That is a lovely big kitchen! Nice work you guys!

Anonymous said...

I love your dining room....


Jennifer said...

I love it! You need to find some handles though, they will really improve the look of the cabinets.