Saturday, February 5, 2011

why i suck at blogging lately

1. working 50 hours a week and driving an hour each way to work and back takes up a lot of time and energy. welcome to the real world, eh? haha

2. our apt is cuckoo. cue crappy phone picture:

we started packing last weekend, and then today we decided to tackle it once again, since we are going to be out of the apt by next saturday (eeps!). our apartment looks like there was some sort of crap-explosion. also, i've discovered how much of a hoarder i actually am. i sort of always knew that, but it's become sooo much clearer now. josh will hold something up (like they do on the show hoarders, yes) and everytime i say "toss" i get a little pang in my heart.

3. i had food poisoning thursday/friday. i got it from eating a sandwich from the ramada. gross.

4. and the main reason: nothing super exciting has been going on. yawwwwn.

anything fun/crazy going on with you guys lately?


Anonymous said...

Well it is paige's b-day today so we have been doing tons of fun stuff- including going to a frozen yogurt place! :)


Emily said...

yes. we hung out with some pretty cuh-razy peeps tonight. we danced like we're dumb until our bodies went numb. yes, of course we does.
love you!!!

Hearthandmade said...

Im glad you guys are moving! i know how excited you were when you got the place!! nothing exciting over here. Maybe you could schedule pretty decorating inspiration so you arent away from us completely!!

I reallllly feel for you. I had food poisoning once before. It lasted a week and i was convinced i was going to die. This was doubled up with a kidney infection. Seriously.. never felt worse! So im glad you are feeling better!

Heather Taylor said...

I hear ya on the working nonstop thing. It's not easy to catch up with blogging when you're trapped in that little thing called "being an adult" ;)

Diana Mieczan said...

Sounds like you have tons of stuff to do and I hope you are feeling better after your food poisoning. Wish you all the luck darling and see you soon:) Hugs and kisses

Lisa said...

I felt like Dave and I threw out so much stuff when we packed up all our stuff back in WI, but now that we are finally unpacking everything here in LA, we are throwing out even more. We keep saying, "Where did all this junk come from?" The hardest thing for me to throw away is clothes. It doesn't seem to matter if I haven't worn it in over 2 years I get the pang.

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

uuuuuugh. i remember living amongst boxes. it sucks.

but good for you to get a jump on it. we dragged our feet, and then moving day came and my dad had his stroke. we were totally screwed and my husband ended up just tossing piles of crap in boxes. i still have 2 of those in the garage, untouched. it gives me crap-induced ptsd just thinking about unpacking them. blargh.

anyway, good on you for being much smarter than me.