Sunday, February 27, 2011

csn review

with the move and everything, i did this csn review on some items for our new home. i finally got everything installed yesterday, so now i can do my review! these are the items i got:

Cleo Shower Curtain
Curved Rod and Curtain Set (in rubbed bronze)

here are the final pictures:

the shower curtain arrived quickly and was beautiful. yeah, we might need to iron it or something, but we're lazy. the material is fabulous and the colors are great. i love it. we bought gray towel sets to go with it, and it looks awesome (you'll see the whole bathroom when we do our home reveal eventually...).

the shower rod arrived 3 days after the estimated arrival date, but i think weather issues might have been a factor in that. it took us longer to put it up, because a power drill was required in its assembly (so we bought one). yesterday i finally got it installed. the directions were a little bit confusing, and they didn't say what size drill bit was needed. the anchors that were required to put in the wall were cheap, and the instructions didn't really cover their installation very clearly. after struggling with them for a while and actually breaking one of them, i decided to not install the anchors. i screwed in the end pieces with the power drill and went on from there. while some of the pieces seemed kind of cheap, and the directions weren't amazing, i think that the product actually had good overall value for what the price was. most shower rods like this are around $60+, and this one even included the vinyl shower curtain liner and the curtain rings. once everything was installed it looked really good.

because i couldn't get the anchors in, i told josh if he ever slips in the shower, he better not grab on to the rod, because who knows if it will hold him!! haha. the ends seem pretty sturdy with just the screws though, so i think we're good. it looks really professional and classy, and i LOVE curved shower rods because it makes your shower feel that much bigger.

if you want to update your bathroom on a budget, i would recommend buying this curtain rod. if you are more handy than me, the installation probably won't be that hard. if i can do it, anyone can do it. :) and of course i love the shower curtain, so if you want to be cool like me than i would recommend it as well. it's high quality and looks fabulous.

thank you csn!


Liv said...

curved rods ARE the best! so glad you guys got one. and i love the curtain; it's so nice having a quality curtain so you feel like you actually graduated from college.

Anonymous said...

Nice shower curtain! :)

Just stopping by to let you know that i am having a blog sale today-friday if you want to stop by!


Emily said...

fancy curved curtain rod people...sooooo snobby.