Wednesday, January 19, 2011

brake for nails!

hi, who wants to come do my nails like this? i LOVE SuPa Nails, and i wish this lady would come do my nails every week so i could be as awesome as her. here are my recent favorites:

who doesnt love owls, right?

love this.

have you been getting creative with your nails lately?


Mandi said...

I can't imagine doing anything like this, as I can barely manage to get one solid colour to look decent. Those owls are some of the cutest nails ever.

Emily said...

oh my gahhh. let's hire her? it'll be cheaper if we split the cost.

Jewls said...

Wow that's cool! I'd totally do your nails like that if you'd do mine afterwards :)

Amanda said...

I wish I would (could) do something like that with my nails. I really do need to start taking care of my nails- this post may be the inspiration :) I love the owls!!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. I love all of those so much!!!


kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

omg. these are amazing!

um, i painted my nails chanel brownish. is that creative? no? how about the strategically placed chip marks?

still no?

leyla said...

I tried to do this creative bright pink/white combination the other day. And then my sister (who's 16), looked at my nails and said, "um, leyla. you look like you're 13."

Cracked me up.

I took it off right away, in case you were wondering. Now they're just pink.

Diana Mieczan said...

Those are so adorable..I so want the little owl one right now..haha
Happy Friday,sweetie

{eleise} said...

ooo I love the owls!!