Saturday, December 4, 2010

infertility update...

ok, so you know how i said we weren't going to go to the urologist because we were going to put everything on hold for a bit? well, we figured (w/parental guidance) that josh should still go to the appointment just to make sure everything is alright with him. turns out everything is perfectly fine. he's in tip-top shape. this is good and bad news. because yay--he's healthy! but boo--that means that it's official that we can't have kids [ourselves] unless we do in-vitro.

wuh wuh wuhhhhhhhhhh

side note: yesterday at lunch we met this girl who was really nice and when she was leaving she said to me, "you are absolutely gorgeous, you two are going to have the most attractive kids!" and walked away. and then josh commented, "well, not really. but thanks anyways." hahaha. it was funny. back to the point....

so there is the update. to be completely honest we are thinking of using a sperm donor. it would only be about 1 thousand dollars, instead of 14 thousand.. we're both fine with the idea, i know some people may think it's weird, but considering our options it's actually a fabulous route to go. we won't be doing anything right away, so we'll keep you posted. ♥


The Blairs said...

Lets see..

Glad Josh is okay.

Sorry it was not better news.

The comment Josh made after the girl left made me laugh.

I'm all for a sperm donor. I don't care how your babies get here, I just want them to get here so I can snuggle them up.
You know I have a huge addiction to little babies and you know you have to share yours with me. I'm going to be his favorite Auntie. (I'll probably drive you crazy!)

I love you both.

That is all.

Emily said...

i'm glad we're close enough that i kind of understand what that picture is referencing...i think. haha
i love you and good luck with everything.
just know, no matter how you have a baby, dave will probably dub himself his/her uncle. just sayin'. especially if we every babysit him/her.

the chirpy bird said...

Wow just stumbled across your blog. I love your honesty and how 'real' you are. I think it's beautiful that the two of you are committed to walking through life's obstacles together. What a wonderful marriage for a child to be brought into! I have no doubt that wonderful things are in store for the two of you :)
xx tash

Liv said...

that photo is hilarious but gross :)

i hope you're doing alright. i'm so sorry this is one of your trials. it's such a delicate situation.

Juji said...

hahaha, Uncle davy. :)

Umm, I came to this post to make a comment, but "The House Bunny" is on and I just want to quote it.

"Umm, instead of the Mahi Mahi, can I just have the 1 Mahi, b/c I'm not that hungry"

PS: I'm the watermelon....and I'm funny. But you all knew that.

Wonderland Papers said...

You are so brave, keep the faith, I know you guys will figure out what is best for YOU!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

i think you guys are awesome to stay positive. if you want one, you'll have a kid, because you'll make it happen. because you are awesome. and strong. and resilient.

and the stupid universe that plays these kinds of games with us can suck it. you'll kick it's arse anyway. :)

<3 <3 <3

Hearthandmade said...

im glad josh is ok.

Are you dying to get pregnant? Would you adopt?

yours truly dear said...

we cant afford to adopt anytime soon :[