Monday, December 20, 2010

house pictures!

hello, friends. want to see our new house? we went today for the home inspection, and i remembered to bring my camera along!
new house! this is from the listing [it's currently gross and snowy today].

kitchen. we want to add hardwood floors. and eventually upgrade the countertops (they're a weird silvery-gray pattern). and we want to paint the whole bottom floor light gray, maybe with an accent wall of a charcoal gray in the back of the kitchen... we shall see...

living room

the fireplace works! we want to stain the mantle darker.

front living area, kind of funky size but we'll make it work

huuuuge landing. they call it a "loft"

master bedroom. we'll actually be able to fit both our bed AND our dresser in our bedroom! what a concept!

linen closet and big tub

double sink! there's also a huge walk-in closet.
it will be my 'sex & the city' closet!! haha

i might have been posing...

2nd bedroom. we'll be re-painting it and removing that high chair rail

3rd bedroom. we love this room and won't be changing it at all.
and all the bedrooms have walk-in closets!

backyard. josh is trying to hide haha.

we are very excited, and feel really lucky that this has all been able to happen for us. it is honestly a dream come true! ♥


Jennifer said...

I love it! Super excited to be invited over for dinner :)

liz canaan roberts said...

ummm, house warming party!?
also, big tubs ftw!
love it.

Anonymous said...

i love your house..... Especially the room that is painted green... beautiful.. :)


p.s. you don't know how bad i wanted to send you a christmas package!! I ran out of time and money. :(

Wonderland Papers said...

How exciting! Very happy for you, I hope you have tons of fun enjoying all the new home moments!

Honeybee said...

YAY!!! Wahoo!!! Can't wait to come help paint and decorate!!! Does Jay-Z get his own room? More important, do you get a craft room?!?!? :)

Mandi said...

How exciting! What a beautiful house, congrats.

Darci said...

We want to go see it when we get back. We miss you guys. And my head hurts because Jeff just head-butted me while he was going in for a hug. It was not cool.

Oh and I am jealous of 2 things:
double sinks
Awesome tub...

that was 3 things..whatevs. My head hurts.

Ponytails [My Passions for Fashions] said...

How exciting!!!!!!!!


Hearthandmade said...

i love the double sinks and the pantry! American houses are so weird compared over here! not in a bad way lol just very different!

Emily said...

i am seriously so excited for you guys! way to grow up and be big kids...haha love you!

leyla said...

Yay! We have a funny landing like that too. It's weird...what am I supposed to do with that space? It's awkward to put a chair there. Maybe a plant or some cool piece of art? I dunno. Post pictures as you decorate and maybe I'll borrow your idea :)

communikate. said...

Oh it's lovely!! Congrats!

Meredith said...

i am soooo jealous!!! i want me a house real bad. maybe someday ... :) merry Christmas!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

it's awesome, jess! we have a corner fireplace too, and we love it. :)

i am SO excited for you guys! :D