Tuesday, November 30, 2010


we're back! i'm still feeling super crappy but trying to survive, so we won't talk about such things. thanksgiving was absolutely lovely, we went down to arizona to visit my parents and had a grand old time. i am so glad we went, it really was a blast. we both wished we could have stayed down there for a couple more weeks! my grandma is staying down there with my parents right now too, so it was extra nice to have her there with us as well ♥

who knows what josh is doing...

outside of an awesome store, which i will do a-whole-nother blog about because it was that awesome!

apparently josh thinks he's a male model. i dig it. [outside of an antique shop]

it was my nana's birthday, so my mom made her cherry pie. isn't this adorable?

happy birthday nana! we love you!

our thanksgiving was lovely, how was yours? my mom made everything and it was all delicious. i have been catching up on blogs since i've been back and it's amazing how many of my fellow bloggers made their own thanksgiving dinners this year. i dread the day when i have to do that. it's just so much better when my mom makes it! hahaha. i hope i don't sound too spoiled by saying that, but she really does make a delicious meal!!

the only bad part of the whole trip was the drive back. starting about 25 miles before st george, ut--the whole way back was a big snowy mess. it added about 2 hours on to our drive! ew!

i will be making another blog post about the amazing store we visited in yarnell, az. so stay tuned! also, don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a $65 gift certificate to CSN stores!


Fritzi Marie said...

I love your Nana's birthday pie. So sweet. Happy to hear that you had a lovely time.

Fritzi Marie

Diana Mieczan said...

Welcome back,sweetie...I love those photos...You guys look so cute! Glad to have you back:) Kisses,sweetie

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

glad you had a nice trip!

we totally had to deal with snow last week too. what a mess! people lose their heads about it out here. but hey, i only had to work one day. weeeee!

glad your'e back. :D

communikate. said...

I know, I wasnt thrilled to make my own dinner either, but in the end, it was really fun and cozy!!

So ooo glad we didn't try to drive home this year. I heard the snow was mess on I 15!!