Saturday, August 7, 2010

let's win stuff!!

here are some lovely giveaways going on that you should check out:

1. my friend julianne (of made by jewls) is hosting a giveaway on her blog for a necklace set from the shop Mountain Love. this is one of the coolest concepts i've seen before for a necklace. it comes with interchangeable "faces" so you can switch out the centers whenever you'd like. cool, huh? go check it out!

2. the blog progressive pioneer is hosting a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to the shop Modern Organic Fabrics. As described by the owner, Melanie, "In addition to being certified organic, the fabrics I stock are fresh and modern or pretty and fun in a large variety of colors. You can also find some wonderful sewing patterns as well, including Ottobre Design."

aren't both of those awesome? in the words of rachel zoe, "i die." i'm crossing my fingers and hoping i win both. hehe. but because i am nice, i'm telling you about them so you can enter too. ALSO, later this month i am going to be hosting a giveaway on this blog from Julianne's lovely shop! as i got a lot of comments (on my blog and facebook) when i posted about her work before, i know you are all excited for that. so stay tuned, and happy giveaway-entering!

have a fabulous weekend ♥


Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing these!

carly. said...

i just won a mountain love necklace over at the tea talk blog and i just recieved it in the mail!! it is so cute...i think it's an awesome concept as well. 3 in 1!

yours truly dear said...

jealous! i really want to win! eeeeeks :]