Friday, August 20, 2010

camping adventures of the week

as you all know, i had to go camping this week. it was ok. i'm still alive and in one piece. the week was kind of uneventful. except the place we were camping at had.......horses! so of course i had to go play with them every once in a while. i wouldn't say that i'm necessarily a horse person, i just love animals. so it was fun to actually have animals there, and ones that would interact. i had some baby carrots and decided to go see if they were interested. then this happened:

at first i was scared to give them the carrot out of my hand which made me drop them and then the horses would be like *dude, where's my food?* then i realized that they just lip it right out of your hand so it was all good after that.

the black one on the right was a fatty. he kept trying to take the bag of carrots out of my hand. i had to fight him off so the other horses could get some too. as you can tell, i was very concentrated haha.

they were fun

i went back in the trailer and they followed me. apparently they weren't quite full yet...

so i went back out, gave this guy another one, and then tried to kiss him. that scared him away pretty fast.

besides the horsies, camping was just so-so. i did get an award at work. for being awesome, duh. and they gave me a forest service camelback. ok, it's not like forest service brand or anything, but theres an FS patch on it. considering i collect forest service stuff, this was pretty awesome. plus, i've always been too poor to buy a camelback, so i feel all special now.

OH, and some random guy asked us when we [my coworker and i] got engaged. we were both like... what!? apparently the guy saw my wedding ring and just assumed that we were engaged. we started thinking about it and figured that probably a lot of people thought that about us haha. when we were out to lunch last week a guy thought we were married. i find it funny that people ask if my actual husband and i are brother/sister or twins; and if my coworker and i are engaged/married. ironic, much?


Wonderland Papers said...

Yay for playing with the horses!

My hubby and I get mistaken for being brother and sister also. When we tell them no, we are in fact married we always get a skeptical look. Maybe we're just vain and married someone that looked like ourself. :)

Liv said...

i can't believe you met black beauty!

yours truly dear said...

laura--true that! hahaha :]

and liv, thats what i called the super friendly one all week haha. i kept going "get over here, black beauty!"

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

hahaha those horses look like fun, although i'm sure i'd have been to scared to feed them.

congrats on the awesome award. although everyone knows it, i feel like people are seldom actually awarded for their true awesomeness. so good job on that! :)