Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BESTeam feature: Love Elycia

so as you may know by now, i am part of an etsy team called BESTeam (boosting etsy sales team). each week we do a feature on another member, and this week i got to feature elycia of Love Elycia! this girl is super cute and has awesome style (i love her hair!). her blog is always full of pretty things, and her cats get some good air time on her blog as well (which jay-z loves). here is her interview:

What's your favorite color?
it changes all the time...right now, turquoise.

[click pictures to view listings]

What inspires you?
sunny days, pretty photos, my cats, ivan, reading, thrifting. I get inspired by a lot of things. i love feeling that wave of inspiration when i can't wait to start working on something.

What do you love most about what you do?
i love it when i think of new ideas. it is so fun to be excited about something. I also love doing craft shows. I really enjoy interacting with people who like my little creations. it is very satisfying.

Is Etsy part-time, full-time, or hobby for you? How do you balance it with everything else?
currently etsy is part-time. i would love love love to make creating my full time job and i have a lot of ideas and goals that will hopefully help me get there.

What are your top favorite blogs or websites?
i have too many! visit my blog and look along the left side bar to see some of my favourites :)

What are your current projects?
currently i'm working on some halloween projects! i'm so excited!

How did you get started w/your Etsy shop (what made you open it)?
I originally started my etsy selling purses. I made one for myself and everyone loved it so i started making them for friends and eventually etsy. i closed up shop for a while and i eventually re-opened because i had made myself too many headbands! i thought it would be fun to share them with other people. i have recently added a vintage section because i am a life long thrifting addict.

where to find ♥ elycia:


elycia said...

eeep! what a lovely feature. thank you so much :)

LyddieGal said...

Elycia has such cute things in her shop, and I love that panda headband!

thanks for sharing!!

Chic on the Cheap

Melissa said...

Panda headband!?! So cute!

Meg said...

Elycia is so cute and sweet, i love following her blog and seeing her amazing updates...I am loving her new vintage section of her shop, i have a couple of favorites that i have been keeping an eye on since she listed them!! Great feature!!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

that mustache headband is waay funny (and cute).

lol to your Jay-Z cat comment. i don't think i've met a gay cat before. :P

Anonymous said...

Project runway would be awesome! That is the goal! :) And with you as a #1 fan... How could I not win, right? :)