Tuesday, August 31, 2010

always, sometimes, never

saw this on meg's cute blog, a newly bird

i always:
+brush my teeth first thing in the morning. before eating or drinking anything. some people think that's weird, but then i just think they're weird.
+recycle everything. to a point of annoyance [to others, not myself]. i've even been called the recycling nazi before [hi jon!]
+tell josh i love him everyday.
+want candy. it's a problem. which you already know if you're at least a semi-faithful reader. [in fact, i'm eating asian candy right now. i have a strange love for it]

i sometimes:
+forget that i didn't text/message/email someone back and then remember hours or days later. oops!
+want to change my career path completely. personal shopper, nail technician, fashion buyer, pro-blogger, hair stylist, etc
+let the cat sit on my lap when i go to the bathroom. wait...what!?
+remember to fix the seatbelt when i leave the car, since it drives josh nutso to have it "twisted"

i never:
+eat ketchup. even with fries. i think most condiments are gross. except mayo [because it's pure fat? who knows...]
+scoop the poop. josh does. i think it mainly started since i can't smell and josh could smell whenever kitty dropped a big deuce, so he would go clean it up. somehow it stuck. thanks, babe!
+watch kids movies unless i'm with a child. if someone got me 101 dalmations, that little story might change its tune...
+liked cooking until college. i used to be anti-cooking, and would never want to help my mom cook. when i started cooking and asking my mom how to make stuff she was shocked. *wait...you're actually cooking? like...with an oven?*

[all images via weheartit]

ps: yes i know, 2 posts in the same day. *how annoying* etc etc. whaturr. i'll be back tomorrow with a lovely BESTeam feature. now go win yourself some hair bows and let me know if you do a post like this in the comments! i like to read random things about other people ♥


Becca. said...

that pig is so so so so so adorable!


Zoe said...

Haha! Funny. I totally disagree with you about condiments- i love ketchup and hate mayo! :)


Meg said...

i think my favorite is "whenever kitty dropped a big deuce" ha...nice!

Carrie said...

The first thing I do before I speak in the morning is brush my teeth poop makes me gag and I was the same way about cooking


Elaine said...

Hahahahaha Love the cat one!!! LOL!!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Melissa said...

Ooh, what a fun idea!

kirstyb said...

thanks for sharing xx

Meg said...

My husband used to let his cat (RIP) sit on his lap when he went to the bathroom too! Your answers cracked me up!

Laura said...

I love quirky traits.

I used to be anti-cooking too and it bothered my mother to no end also. And then I discovered the Food Network and Rachael Ray basically taught me to cook because she never really bothered to measure anything, just eye ball it. And thats how I roll.

Emmy Rae said...

I'm going to probably do a post like this for my blog tomorrow! :) I loved it!

Hearthandmade said...

Im also a recycling nazi... and my cat from my mums used to come in when i was using the bathroom too and sit on my knee.

yours truly dear said...

haha i'm glad i'm not the only one who lets the cat get up in my lap. he likes it! hahaha. and emily, do it!!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

wait - WHAT? you can't smell? i can think of some serious pluses to that scenario...

but seriously, this whole post cracked me up! :D

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

how freakin cute!!! :)


Claire Kiefer said...

cute post, and funny since the one condiment I won't go anywhere near is mayo! I don't even like saying the word. Much less smelling it, having in anywhere in my vicinity, or god forbid touching it. ha! :)

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

I love learning more about you! Especially the answers you came up with for always, sometimes, never. They are so good! Love these adventures :) Cuz you never actually know what you're going to write and then all this cool stuff comes out! Love the cat on your lap too :) Made me Laugh OL