Saturday, July 3, 2010

misikko giveaway winner!

want to know who won the corioliss flat iron?? there were 152 total entries. here are pictures of the winning in action [i don't know how to take screen shots, so these are phone pictures. if you know how to do screen shots on a pc and its not too hard, let me know how haha]

congratulations Tammylyne, who said her daily hair routine was: "I usually style my hair using a flat iron mantality using a curling iron LOL..I dont own a flat so I use my curling iron to straighten it!"

well congrats Tammy! misikko is hooking you up with a LEGIT flat iron! yayyy, no more curling iron (except when curling)!

if you didn't win, check out the misikko website for all your hair needs!


Tammylyne said...

I am way beyond excited!!!!
Thank you for hosting such an awesome giveaway :)

Now here is a quick lesson on taking screenshots

when you want to take the pic of the screen hit the prnt sc button on your keyboard (top row of buttons usually next to the delete button)
Once you hit that button your going to just right click and hit paste! Let me know if you need more help I will be happy to go step by step with ya

yours truly dear said...

a-ha! thanks for the tip :]

Tammylyne said...

I recieved the flat iron today woot woot! and my hair looks A-mazing!!!! I was more excited about the way it came packaged with the roses..soo pretty!
The hair protectant smells nice :)
Thank you again so much for the giveaway!