Monday, May 17, 2010

if i were a boy...

i could pee better in the woods.

alternate titles to this post could include:
"tut tut tut looks like rain"
"embarrassing story of the [day/week/month]"

umm, so as you probably know, i work out in the wilderness. i am a hydrologic technician, and i am mostly out in the forest. being out in nature does have its setbacks, such as: bugs, doodoo (cow pies are everywhere), wild animals, and PEEING.

this summer it's just me and my coworker (so far--a new girl starts next week), and we've been working together from the beginning (since summer 2008). we work well together and get along really well, and he's pretty chill and funny.

so this morning i had to "use the facilities" as we like to call it. i went out behind some trees and did my business. as i was zipping up my pants i looked down and noticed that some on my pants. PEE got on my pants! i had a mini panic and then had to decide what to do about the situation. i decided to just own it. so i walk back over to the truck and go "umm...i just peed on my pants." we had quite a good laugh over it, and i was so relieved that i've worked with this guy for a while and it wasn't my first day with some new person. i mean, it's bad enough that i had to walk around with urine pants, right?


carissajaded said...

hahaha... well don't feel too bad and remember it could have been worse. I once peed up, and peed my shirt in a porta potty at a VERY crowded music fest. And there was no hiding it when i walked out... so i announced to about 40 people that I peed my shirt. And then blogged about it...

angelina la dawn said...

no way! so hilarious!!