Thursday, May 13, 2010


first week of my summer job is OVER! too bad it doesn't feel like summer. today it snowed and hailed on us. yes. enormous amounts of big, fatty, fluffy snow coming down like a winter wonderland. then mini pebble hail. then snow. then drizzle. then snow. all while we hiked and did work and tried to write stuff down. thanks utah for being so awesome [well, awful, but sometimes awesome].

and while i sit here with sore legs and an exhausted body (5+ hours of hiking in one day will do that to you when you're out of shape), i'm almost falling asleep. speaking of out of shape, i need help. for anyone who doesn't know, I AM ADDICTED TO SUGAR. literally, addicted. like a smoker, except with candy. i've pretty much always been this way, even though i have short spurts where i try to quit.

i want to cut back on my sugar intake, but i need to do it in steps or something. i also want to increase my fruit and veggie intake, as well as get more exercise. i don't know how to manage all of this. i want to be healthier but i dont want to cut out all the stuff i love. like candy and pizza and carbs. anyone have advice, experience, websites, etc that could help me at all?? i've been doing better with fruits and veggies: i went from about 0-1 servings a day to about 3. yes, that's combined. TRUTH COMES OUT,PEOPLE: i am super unhealthy.

the summer job will help my exercise too, so that i'll be hiking at least 2-4 days a week. i think i need a personal trainer. or life coach. and someone besides josh, because when he tells me to do things i think he's saying i'm fat. it's a twisted mind game i do to myself, but i can't help it. jillian michaels, where are you!? or maybe oprah...?

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cupcake cutie said...

lol this made me laugh!
awww, yeah candy is AWESOME.
i have a sweet tooth too!

well right now i am on weight watchers, and it's all about portion control, eating less..but more times a day.

something i always do when i buy my fruits and veggies is cut them all up and put them in tupperware containers, that way when you want a snack, they are already ready! and they are good for packing stuff in your lunch!

also, i've heard chewing gum or eating mints helps get rid of cravings for food...

i dunno, it's so hard because how can you not love all those foods? to be honest, it just takes some getting used to! the odd time i still treat myself, but i've just got used to eating healthier and it feels great!

drinking water with lemon is good too!
and green tea, black with the bag in!

good luck, you can do it!!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I am a complete sugar fiend too - in fact, the hubby just went out and bought me some suckers, lol.

I do love fruit too and sometimes I'll eat it like candy (a big bowl of raspberries and blueberries is my favorite) but there's something about candy that I just LOVE.

jess said...

it really is quite a problem. and those are good ideas julie. thanks for the encouragement! ♥