Tuesday, April 20, 2010

nature is cute♥

hello there dearests,

i only have one final left. FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! i'm taking it tomorrow before noon and then i graduate on friday. so so so excited!! anyways, i'm taking a little break from studying for this cuteness-in-nature inspired post. enjoy:

awww, bunny!

this cracked me up

adorable, right? sleeping animals are always so cute ♥


i want this!


i think this pic is where this cool chick got her blog header from. so cool (but creepy!)

hahaha spooning cats

oops...how did this get in here?

anyways, these are all saved (via we heart it) in my inspiration folder, and i thought i'd share them with you. they put a smile on my face, anyways, which i can use in this stressful time. hope you're all having a lovely week ♥

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bri. said...

lightbulb with fish. rad!
xx DLF