Thursday, March 11, 2010

new new new ♥

PHEW! i just finished our shop's update. it took like...forever. like...hours. no, i'm not kidding. but i went from 11 items to 40, so that explains it a bit. we still have a couple items that missed getting their pictures taken, and we will continue to make products all the time, so be sure to make us as a favorite or bookmark! we are so pleased with our result, and we really hope you will take a look around.

adorable, i know. i'm in love with so many of these pictures!

now i'm super pooped. i have been having insomnia issues for a couple months now, and last night i only got 2.5 hours of sleep. i went to bed at like 10:30pm, couldnt sleep...couldnt sleep...coudlnt sleep... i got up to get a drink, read a book for a little, tried relaxation methods. nothing! i think it was about 3:15am by the time i got to bed. then i had to wake up at 5:45am so i could go teach my morning lab. i've been going ever since.

anyways, sorry to complain. i'm just super tired and my brain is shutting down. now please go check out our shop! thanks so much!! ♥

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liz canaan roberts said...

looks FABULOUS! so many great shots and such cute stuff. hooray for you guys!

p.s. insomnia is THE WORST. you're probably like me and have an overactive brain at night...? get some sleep.

liz canaan roberts said...

btw, liking comments is not shallow. ;P

Andhari said...

Wow the headband's cute. I think it's something that every girl from toddlers to teens to adults can wear. Here's to business booming!

Ps. Sorry about your insomnia, I can relate on that. Have you tried hot oolong tea?

xoxoKrysten said...

Have you ever tried Melatonin to help you sleep? I have a really hard time sleeping and it helps!

Liv said...

maybe now that your shop is updated your mind will slow down and let you sleep? maybe?

by the way, i love your 3-column layout. it looks great! as does the shop.

Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

all i can say is yeah! yeah! and more yeah!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

(to the shop - not the insomnia!)

Amarettogirl said...

Get some Rest - drink some chamomile tea and and take some pride in how wonderful all the work you did resulted in- cuz teh updates look great and these pics are TOO CUTE for words!

Amarettogirl said...

BTW - ETSY Shop LOOKING GREAT! and I love the three piece animal set with quotes!!!! Is that done with fabric? So darling! and you know you inspired me to do my own giveaway- I decided its the most fun way to pay for advertising - you can find it here:

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