Saturday, March 27, 2010

good news!

hellooooo! happy saturday! i have very exciting news. today our store was featured on my dear friend kerry's blog, kid giddy! check out the feature here! i have known kerry since she moved to maine, and she has been sweet to me ever since. even when i was the ugly duckling, she still treated me like a swan (embrace the analogy, its ok). so basically, i love her, and i'm so excited to be featured on her awesome blog!

also, kerry has a current sort of contest going on to win free adspace on her blog! check out her threadkiller in the etsy forums HERE, and have at it. ♥

now i'm off to write a 12 page research paper. thanks goodness i graduate in less than a month! (eeeeeeeeeeeeks!!!)


elycia said...

hi! i just read your disclaimer, i like lower case too. hehe. thanks for visiting my blog. happy birthday to you too! farva could use some practice with his social skills. he needs more friends.

xoxoKrysten said...

Yuck, have fun with that paper!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Off to check it out!!!!


Andhari said...

Congrats for being featured :)