Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ew and ew

that is paint...


[this is my hair. full of paint.]

this is what i looked like tonight after my photo shoot. just wait til you see pictures from it. it was antm inspired, from when they have paint dripping down their faces, like so:

but not as cool, since thats all fa-fessional and whatnot. there were normal fashion photos too, dont worry. i cant wait til theyre posted so i can share them with you!!

also, some were intrigued by my last post and my story of getting stood up. **disclaimer: this story is embarrassing and shows what i loser i was** well, i worked at a retail store in freeport, maine. it was like...2003? 2004? i worked with this boy that i kind of liked. it was valentines day and we both had to work earlier in the day, and so i brought up the question of what he was doing that night. he said "nothing, really..." so i got gutsy and asked if he wanted to go see a movie that night. he said yes, and i was all excited. we exchanged numbers and i said i would call him and let him know the movie times.

after work i went home and looked up times and theaters. i called him and we planned to meet up at the theater, in falmouth. i got there, and called him to see where he was. he said he was lost but would be there soon. i explained how to get to the theater and he said he'd be there in like 10 minutes. 15 or 20 minutes go by...i call him...he says he is still "lost". 10-15 minutes later, i call him again, he still says he is "still lost". i finally get the picture and just head home (pretty sure there were tears...). working with him was kind of awkward after that...

there is my embarassing story. and the gross camera pic of me covered in paint. i really need to shower... my hair is literally hardened with paint!


Liz Canaan Roberts said...

cool idea for a photo shoot. can't wait to see the pics!

Anonymous said...

I hope you got all the paint out. I've been stood up at the movies before too. Their loss, not ours!

Thanks for linking up with Friday Follow! I am now your blog follower. Sorry I am late, trying to get through the list.

~ Lynn

MiVidaAsi said...

rainbow bright! anyone anyone?

Andhari said...

OMG I commented on your last post first then I look at this haha ANTM indeed :D Awesome! The paint worth it though, I hope you can get them out :)