Sunday, January 17, 2010

sometimes, i pretend im crafty

so, yesterday was a fun day. i went to this family crochet party with my bff darci (they've sort of adopted me into their sisterhood). i havent crocheted in least 10 years. and when i did crochet i could maybe do a scarf of regular stitches. for a while i could knit ok, but just like the knit and purl stitches, also nothing fancy.

so basically, im sort of crochet-challenged, and i required 1 on 1 supervision. darci's poor sweet aunt was sitting next to me and guiding me through the entire process. and guess what i made? a flower!

the first thing ive crocheted in years

then, once i got home, i sort of forgot how to do everything. i did remember a few stiches, and just sort of started practicing. pretty soon i realized that what i was creating could be a hat. so i kept going. when i thought it was near-finished, i put the little pom pom thing on top. i thought it was cute. sadly, it didnt fit my nephew, but im going to see if i cant make a few adjustments.

anyways, it was fun to get out of my element and learn to crochet. darci is going to help me and we will make all kinds of flowers and incorporate them into our new shop (again, coming soon, sorry...). tomorrow we are planning on a craft day to pump up our inventory.

also, i have a confession...i ate a LOT of skittles yesterday and today. but it was my first candy ive eaten all week (except when i was stressed out during the week i had to sneak a small handful of chocolate chips because i was so desperate!). oh shoot, and i had a reeses big cup on friday night too...i just couldnt help it!! at least i was good if you look at the week as a whole. i will try to be better.

allllllso, in my attempts to incorporate fruit into my diet, i didnt really understand what bananas do to you... effective immediately i am going to stop eating them for breakfast every day. not such a bright idea... (tmi? oh well...)

ps: my husband is adorable


Liv said...

that's so awesome! you are so talented jess. i'm really excited to see what your shop is going to look like!

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

cute flower + improv hat! i haven't broken out a crochet hook in about 10 years either. although my mom-in-law gave me some knitting lessons during Christmas. Ben's grandma was watching my very awkward attempts and tried to give me advise. then she said, "didn't they teach you to knit in primary?" she's pretty old school. it was funny.

Darci said...

I am so glad you came! It was so much fun. We are going to become crocheting queens.

rubi said...

what do bananas do to you?

p.s. cute hat and flower!

yours truly dear said...

bananas plug you up. like, the opposite of fiber i think.