Thursday, October 8, 2009

power to vote!

thanks to everyone who's been voting for me and posting the link to their facebook/blog. i appreciate it. i want to make it to the top 100 at least, because here is the way the contest works:

-voting online is so that the #1 model (with the most votes) wins a trip to beaches resort.
-all models who enter and make their profile are entered to be the face of elf, but i figure if my rank is higher, that will look better to the judges.

so please please please, vote for me! thank you! (haha i feel like in legally blonde when she goes "vote for elle!!")


Andhari said...

Ooh beach vacation? Fancccyyy :) may you get it!:)

The Blairs said...

Is it weird that I'm obsessed with you winning? Some of those girls are bad looking, really!!!

Juji said...

I'm obsessed with it too. Why are people not voting???!!