Wednesday, July 1, 2009

do work, son

this past week and a half of work has really kicked my trash. hiking on average 5 miles a day on crazy steep terrain with no path, getting car problems and being stuck for 2 hours, gates being locked, etc.... it's just been really tough.

but here's proof that i work hard for the money :]

[courtesy of my lovely coworker when i had no idea...]


Andhari said...

Wow look at you all hot and tough changing that! I have no idea how to do so until now lol

Liv said...

WAY TO GO!! I'm not even sure where my spare tire or tire iron is. I'm lame.

Honeybee said...

You go girl!!! I am so glad that you can change a tire! At least you are getting into shape. This week I pounded 100 pieces of rebar into the ground. I am now developing more tone forearms...and boy does it hurt. :)

Los Jones said...

woohoo! i can change a tire too! who needs men for car stuff? i sure don't!