Sunday, July 12, 2009

az part 3: slide rock

this was outside of a catholic chapel built into the red rock hillside. cute, no? :]

so we went to slide rock, which is a river that has curved natural slides out of the bedrock. it was really fun, and i only got a little scraped up (thanks mom)

the water was frigid

my parents getting ready to go down the big slide

this is a funny picture of my mom :]

my dad going down a big drop

my mom jumped into the river, it was like a 12' jump

josh decided to give it a try

check out that bod!!! (haha...sorry)

the fam!

it was such a fun trip, and it was really good to see my parents and help them get settled into their new house. im sure theres other fun stuff that happened, and im sure they will come out in posts to come. i am also working on putting a couple videos up on youtube, and then i will post those too. to see my facebook album of this trip, click here


Andhari said...

OOOh those look fun, is it really a slide so you can just slide down and stuff? Is the surface soft like snad or something? Looks fascinating to me, hence i ask a lot :P

yours truly dear said...

the rock is just curved out, so the water pushes you down just like a slide. the surface is kind of rough though, so a lot of people wore jean shorts. my swim suit was fine though. it was really fun, you should go!

Liv said...

Awesome photos! I'm so glad you got to visit your parents!!