Tuesday, May 19, 2009

what a day!

today....long day. i hiked around in the snow and mud all day. it was alright, but my legs are noodles and i am POOPED! and my pants got super dirty and so did my boots. look at my boots mom!

(and my dirty pants haha)

on another note, tonight my food intake has been both healthy and horrible. for dinner i ate a healthy choice meal, which i recently tried and they are delicious!! (and also super on sale this week at albertsons...well til tomorrow...)

then, when i realized we have NO candy in our house right now (what??!!?) i remembered that i had a betty crocker warm delights dessert. also the first time i have tried it, and it was awesome. i think im gonna go back to albertsons tonight again and buy more before the sale ends!

so, im healthy and a fatty all in one. now im enjoying american idol and watching kris allen being completely amazing!!! the end :]


Kimberly said...

Yay! That's what they are for--those boots were made for hiking! Have fun!

Andhari said...

Woops. But you had a fun time right? it makes washing the boots worthy :D