Friday, April 24, 2009

what josh did on his mission

click to enlarge. haha. also, where's waldo?


Darci said...

Hahahaha what the heck?

Juji said...

They are just cartoon characters of real people i would meet, or missionaries would ask my to draw them....with some funny celebrities thrown in for fun. Random

Kristine said...

Whoa! This demands answers:

First, why have I never seen this?

Most importantly, why am I not in there?

And finally, are there people I know?


Honeybee said...

hahahaha...he would! I think he should re-start this. Think of how many people in the major he could draw :)

Juji said...

hahaha. Well kristine, I did most of these when I was in the Harbour Pointe ward. The guy directly above Waldo was in that ward. He was really strange. I don't think you know him though b/c I dont' think he had been in the ward very long. I should have drawn you...but i'm not the best artist, so you might have been offended. haha.

Kristine said...

No excuses. Weren't you in HP and 8th Ward at the same time? 8th Warders would make wonderful works of art. What about the Chief? Did he get a picture? :)