Thursday, April 9, 2009

im a nerd...

but i really wanted to share my albertsons experience tonight. i spent 38 dollars, and saved 51. it was awesome. i was worried when i got to the cashier because it was an old lady that looked mean and was ignoring me. when she saw me pulling out coupons she goes "are those manufacturer coupons? because if they arent i cant take them!" i was just like "yes ma'am.." everything worked ok though (although i still think a couple things were wrung up wrong but oh well). the groceries wrang up around $91, then i scanned my card and it went down around to $50, then i did coupons and it went to $38. it was awesome. its like a little high for me.

before i went to the store josh goes, "i feel like although we're saving all this money, really we're just spending more..." which really it might seem like, and i have been shopping more.. but really i am spending about the same money i did before, but getting a lot more while building up food storage. its pretty cool. the end.....nerdiness over!

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Honeybee said...

Girl, sign me up for the coupon party! I really want you to show/tell me how you are doing that! AMAZING!