Monday, March 30, 2009

save save save

i really should be studying right now. but i hate school and im falling behind and it sucks. ill study in a bit. anyways, the coolest thing happened to me today! (ok, not as cool as my miracle on friday, but its gonna be hard to beat that!)

ive started couponing. today was basically my first trial-run of couponing. i was scared. i went to albertsons...and i usually dont go there but there were good deals. so i did all my research and got my coupons and went to the store. although i didnt know where anything was since i dont shop there, i managed to find [most of] the items i wanted.

all the groceries got rung up, and it came to $21. i thought to myself, hmm, that seems average.. maybe im just not paying attention. then i looked at the receipt after i left, and [drumroll] i saved $22. TWENTY TWO DOLLARS! for all the serious couponers out there, that may not seem like a huge deal. but it felt awesome. i was smiling for like 15 minutes straight. i even texted darci to tell her about my accomplishment!

i have the code to use grocery smarts if anyone wants to know more about it!

basically, it was very encouraging and i am going to be good at this. :]


Darci said...

Isn't it so fun!! I love it. I am glad you texted me because I was truly really excited for you :)
Oh and Jeff and I are going shopping right now. Hopefully we save as much as you!

Allie Hite said...

I am so glad our enrichment could be so...bling..ofical. Ha ha, I kill myself. I hope you are feeling better today.