Friday, March 6, 2009

heels were a bad choice...

let me just say, i love my outfit today. and i wore these cute boots that have like a 2" heel. very stylish. well...maybe i should have thought about it a little bit more...

this is what i had to do this morning to get to my class: first, i walked the four and a half blocks to get to the duck pond south of campus. then, the dreaded stairs... i counted them today: 146 stairs (thus, the heavy breathing that accompanies this feat). then, walk from the south of campus across to the north side of campus because my class was in the JKB (by the administration building). then, finally i got into the jkb and had to walk up two stories, which is 4 flights of stairs. by the time i reached the classroom i was pooped. POOPED I TELL YOU!

after class, walk back down to the south end of campus for my next class. after my class i have to walk up to the bean museum--which will include walking back across campus again and then up 4+ flights of stairs. i am not particularly looking forward to it, although i do admit it's my own fault that i wore these boots.

moral of the story: don't wear boots to school on fridays.

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