Friday, March 13, 2009

fab friday: the beloved versace jacket

the following is a true story, about how the versace jacket came to be in my existence:

once upon a time, 2 years ago, there was a girl named jess living in maine for the summer. one day, she went to a lovely store in freeport, maine called Co/Op Contemporary Clothing. this store was filled with designer clothing--desginer samples, desginer leftovers, etc etc etc. i walked in and it was like heaven--in store form. i got a samuel dong blouse, a free people shirt, and some other clothes that were relatively affordable.

then, when i was walking around, i passed the jacket section. shining out of the rack was a beautiful turqoise jacket. i couldnt take my eyes off of it. i took it down from the rack, looked at the price tag, and was like yiiiiiiikes. at this point i didnt even realize it was versace. even though it was expensive, i had to try it on. i walked over in front of the mirrors and put it on. fit like a glove. the lady working at the counter looked over and freaked out. "OH MY GOSH THAT JACKET IS VERSACE AND IT'S SO SMALL NO ONE CAN EVER WEAR IT AND OH MY WORD IT LOOKS AMAZING AND YOU ARE SO SKINNY OH MY GOODNESS YOU HAVE TO HAVE THAT JACKET YOU LOOK AMAZZZZING!!!!" i just stood there with a euphoric smile on my face and took in the compliments. "GIRL, YOU HAVE TO HAVE THAT! OH MY!!" i took it off and looked at the price tag and said "well.....i love it but i dont know if i can afford it..."

she looked down at the price tag and said "GIRL, I'M MAKIN A PHONE CALL FOR YOU, YOU JUST NEED TO BE HAVIN THAT!!" she made a phone call to the store owner (i'm not kidding), and then came back afterwards and goes "girl, we can give that jacket to you for $150." i almost started crying with joy. granted, at the time i did not have quite that much money (plus i wanted the other clothes i was planning on getting), and asked her to put it on hold until friday so i could get my paycheck and then come buy it. so i paid for the other clothes and went home.

friday came around, i was still dying to own it, and i went and picked up my paycheck and cashed it immediately. i drove to freeport and picked it up. it was a different lady working there. i said, "hey, i'm jess and i have a jacket on hold". she goes "OH MY GOOOOODNESS I HEARD ABOUT THIS AND SHE WAS SAYING IT LOOKED SOO GOOD ON YOU AND OH MY GOSH I HAVE TO SEE YOU TRY IT ON!!!" [also, not joking here] so she handed me the jacket and i put it on and i swear she almost started crying. i was afraid to bring up the fact that i was told i could have it for $150, but word had already gotten around and she knew. she wrapped it up in tissue paper and put it in a bag all nice, and said something along the lines of "i am so glad that this fits you so perfect, we thought it would never sell because it's so small, but it is just so beautiful!" i said thank you for the millionith time, and walked out the doors with my versace jacket.

it was amazing. i love that jacket. it is the nicest piece of clothing i have ever owned.

[see my previous posts for the current dilemma related to this jacket]


ahe said...

That is a beautiful story. Thank you!

Stanton & Rubi Jones said...

don't sell it. keep it for your daughters. this comes from the biggest pack rat though. i have clothes from when i was a little girl that i'm keeping for my kids haha

Kristine said...

Oh wow. That jacket is amazing, and kinda irreplaceable. And the story that goes with it is fantastic. :) I don't think I could bring myself to part with it if I were you...

emily said...

Not exactly related, but I thought of you today at church. For the good news minute, two of the ladies said they were going to try out for America's Next Top Model since they're both shortish.

I think they were joking a little bit, but I felt the rage for you about the short rule. :)

Whit said...

Ok, Jess, you know you totally have to show a pic of the jacket now!