Wednesday, February 18, 2009


we had lots of fun. we dont celebrate valentines day, but saturday was still a fun day. we sold clothes at platos closet and made 47 bucks. then we got noodles & co for lunch (we're obsessed). we were going to see the movie taken with our friends jeff + darci, but when we got there they were all sold out! so we came to our apartment and watched wait until dark. my favorite part in that movie is when the bad guy leaps out w/the knife and theres a jumpy noise. its so funny. darci hadnt seen it before and at that part i think she almost peed her pants. sorry darci... then, of course, we played spades. darci and i are THE CHAMPIONS at spades. we are 3 games up from the boys. ha. ha. ha.

overall, it was a lovely valentines day, even though i was very sick. i think i was still on the robitussin at that point (which just makes everything a little better). the end ♥

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Darci said...

I still can't believe no one warned me, and instead everyone was staring at me and waiting for my reaction...thanks a lot :)

Someone should pay us for our Spades skills.