Monday, February 23, 2009


i cut josh's hair last night, and he said it was better than anyone at paul mitchell had ever done. i was really proud of myself. it looks fafessional (simple life reference for anyone who doesnt get it). we have a church activity on wednesday where we are learning to cut guys' hair, but josh didnt want to be around for it haha, and he wanted his hair cut asap. i would take a picture but my camera is out of batteries and josh doesnt like phone pictures. but he looks hot.

also, little jay-z is limping again. i swear he just does gymnastics all day long while we are gone. we really need to get him a beyonce to keep him in check!


Stanton & Rubi Jones said...

i find it slightly disturbing that a church activity is learning how to cut your husbands hair ... but i guess times are tough these days. haha congrats on cutting his hair though. please don't try doing your own. i promise the $8 are worth every penny :)

yours truly dear said...

haha yeah its an enrichment activity. aww remember when we always used to cut our hair? we were so cool haha