Friday, February 27, 2009

fab friday: go green

some environmental-friendly approaches:

1. instead of receiving paper bills every month in the mail, make the switch to online billing. "By viewing and paying bills online, you reduce your consumption of paper (the use of which contribute to deforestation) and your contribution to global climate change (since fossil fuels are burned during mail delivery)." (National Geographics Green Guide, pg 118)

2. looking to buy a new tv? the most energy efficient flat screen tv is an LCD tv. plasma tvs use the most energy out of any type. plasma tvs use more than half of the energy that an LCD tv does.

3. buy a plant. they take in CO2 and let out oxygen. go buy one. now!


Stanton & Rubi Jones said...

we have an "eco tv" by phillips. its called "eco tv" isnt that funny?

yours truly dear said...

haha thats awesome!

jae said...

I believe every little bit helps. I didn't know that about the tv's...I also believe it is about educating...nice post.

simply seleta said...

Great post. Short and sweet, yet informative.

Trying to get husband to get on board with #1. And holding out hope that my creeping fig, who's sitting next to the kitchen sink hanging on for dear life, is as helpful as #3 says.

yours truly dear said...

i'm sure it will be great for the air quality of your house! a fig, huh? figs have the weirdest pollination and inflorescence ever. thanks for the comments :]