Thursday, January 29, 2009


i had a bird quiz today. i BOMBED it. not just a little oops i got a B.O.M.B.ed it. i hate hate hate that class. i love birds, dont get me wrong. but i like them in picture form. do i care what kind of duck has a blue bill, red head, and white back? NO!!! (its the redhead duck btw)

so after this lovely experience of bombing my quiz, and sitting through the rest of class while being irritated the whole time, i jetted out as soon as i could. i decided that i should pick up my BYU W-2 on the way home, since today was the last day you could pick it up. so i drove over the ASB, parked in the lot, got my W2, and then came back out. total time: 3-4 minutes.

what was waiting for me on the car? a nice bright green parking ticket... THREE MINUTES PEOPLE!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. it was the icing on the cake for me. i went home and cried to joshy and then i ate a snickers and i feel better.

in other news, i think my ulcer medicine is helping me. i go back to the doctor on thursday. we'll see whats up then.

the end.


Darci said...

Seriously BYU police are so dumb. I loved it when Jeff had his handicapped sticker (last year after he had foot surgery) and it was awesome because we could park ANYWHERE on campus and no one could do anything about it.

yours truly dear said...

i need one of those. now where is it still icy so i can fall and break something....?

The Blairs said...

Sucks about the ticket. I would've been stoked for a B- though. You and Josh are both so dang smart.

yours truly dear said...

yeah, i didnt get a B- tho....i got a big fatty F. it sucked.