Sunday, December 21, 2008

yayyyyyy for getting internet back!!!

our neighbors, who we were splitting an internet bill with and using their wireless, decided to move away to sandy. therefore, we had no internet....which was quite an inconvenience.

so finally, i called comcast. we now have the internet back, and can keep it all to ourselves! (insert evil laugh here)

so i know everyone is dying to know what ive been up to since thursday morning.... haha. well, on the sewing front i made 2 blue pillows for the couch, and i made a laptop case! (i consider goal #2 [get a sewing machine and make lots of cool stuff] well on its way)

exhibit a: the shiny blue pillows

exhibits b and c: laptop case! (yes, its the same material as my stocking, i really liked it)

now...disclaimer...this is not animal abuse...

so joshua told me i should make a shirt for jay-z. i did it in like 4 minutes and it was not so good. obviously, it didnt go over well with kitty. it was more like a cape really. but yeah, not so good. we took it off right after the kodak moment..

NOW, on other news. i always want my christmas presents. and i might be slightly snoopy. so on friday josh got my present, came home, and then did this.....

this was on his closet
and on the left door of my closet..

so there is a little update. now that we have wireless at our apt everything will be ok. the end. :]

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Liv said...

hee hee

Kev came home Saturday with a little baggy for me. He "hid" it on the floor by the side of his bed.