Wednesday, December 17, 2008

update from the scrooge and her husband

once upon a time, there was a scrooge and her husband. one day the husband had a work christmas party. everyone was required to dress up in ugly and/or festive sweaters. here is the product of that night:

the husband won a prize for his most feminine sweater, and the scrooge only had a few votes for ugliest sweater, because really she looked quite good.


the next week, the scrooge went to ikea and bought some more ornaments for their tree. then at joanns fabrics, even more ornaments. also, a nice lady named mok sent them an alabama nutcracker. :] therefore, the tree has been looking a lot more decorated.

last night the scrooge spent hours making her own pattern and cutting and pinning and sewing a tree skirt. if anyone else thinks its ugly, thats ok. the scrooge likes it. here is the final product of all this festiveness!

the tree, in all its glory

oo, ahh, look at all the ornaments now!

the kitty loves the tree skirt, and was quite a pain in its creation process.

close up of the tree skirt. cute, right?

so there you have it. the scrooge and her husband are beginning to show that they actually like christmas.

the end.


Darci said...

Jess, I am so jealous that you know how to sew. I so badly want to learn how so I can make my own cute dresses/skirts and whatnot. I had no idea you had that talent and I am jealous because I wish I did have that great talent. You rock at making tree skirts. It's way cute.

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

those are some hot sweater models! the skirt is super cute too...i should do one of those sometime. i'm proud of you for getting more into the spirit of the season.

Liv said...

Love it!! It looks great-- sweaters included.