Wednesday, December 24, 2008

blood diamond

i love this movie. we made a big mistake and went to walmart to try to find it tonight. biggg mistake. walmart was cuckoo!! in joshs words, "good grief, walmart closes for a day and the world goes bat-s***" (dont worry, he spoke in edited form of course). needless to say, we couldn't find the movie and the lines went back into the clothes section. so we fought our way out through the wall of crazed walmart shoppers.

anyways, so we ended up downloading it on the playstation. this movie is so good. leo is awesome in it, and its seriously one of the most thought provoking movies ive ever seen. its all about diamonds in africa, and that for diamonds obtained in conflict countries, people are killed, enslaved, and put through hell to obtain them. (for all these people, they have never seen a diamond in their processed form). then the diamonds are sent off to places like europe and america where they are put away in storage to retain the image that diamonds are rare, and therefore keep demand up.

legal action has been taken to cease the trade and sell of conflict diamonds. as wikipedia states:

"A conflict-free diamond is a diamond whose profits are not used to fund wars and which is produced and mined under ethical conditions. Only diamonds that are certified and can be traced from the mine to the consumer are conflict-free diamonds. Conflict diamonds are still being sold today into the international diamond market as clean diamonds."

so anyways, i cried like 3 times during this movie. its very good. and now im scared that the little diamonds in my ring might be conflict diamonds, but I can't remember which company it was bought from so i can look it up. at least i am educated now i guess.


david and christina said...

oh i did a senior project on the effects of the blood diamonds and how they can continue to prevent it... i can't wait to see the movie... how was your christmas?

Brittany Kristin Calkins said...

I want to see this movie! Its been on my list for a little while now!

My diamond was passed down through a family member who assured me that my diamond is not a blood diamond (and I didn't even ask!).

Now I want to watch this over break!

yours truly said...

just for the record before anyone gets mad, it is rated R. its very good though. and my christmas has been great :]