Saturday, November 22, 2008

me me me me meeeeee

I am – sick of my vegetation measurements class

I want – clothes. i always want clothes.

I hear – utah beating byu

I never - could give up candy. or bread.

I wonder – if i can study enough to get a good grade on my test on monday

I believe – that i'm cool no matter what anyone says

I always – am on time. haha. just kidding.

I usually – have some kind of candy/food on my person at all times.

I search – for cute stuff i can make. like all these cool creative people on etsy and stuff. i want to be cute and creative!

I am not – coordinated. i am a clumsy fool. ask anyone. or any object in my house.

I dance – in my kitchen. i miss dancing classes back home though.

I sing – songs on the radio. or when me and josh are dancing around in the kitchen and screaming "so so what? im still a rock star!"

I wish – i had a personal hairdresser to wake up to every day

I dislike – school. and when our apartment is cold when i wake up.

I rarely – wake up on time. i usually wake up late and then rush around and then drive the five blocks to the parking lot haha

I cry – more than i would like to. its embarrassing, and usually i cant help it. i try to trick people into thinking i'm tough, but really im only kind of tough.

I am not always – beautiful. shocker! ha ha ha you should see my hair in the morning

I lose – at nothing. duh.

I fear - that i annoy people

I'm confused – why people hate paris hilton. i love her.

I need – some candy. stat. and a sewing machine. and a crockpot. and some sort of crockpot recipe book. and a million dollars. thanks santa.

I should – exercise.........oh well

I dream – sometimes. its usually crazy.

I have – a cute cat.

I love - my little family (me, joshy, + jay-z aka kitty) ♥

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