Sunday, November 30, 2008

big day

so first, it was our baby's first bath. he didn't like it very much. but we got a new pet shampoo that was mint and lavender flavored. it was interesting (the process, not the shampoo scent, i wouldn't know about that). and yes, you will see joshua in my apron, because he was getting a little too wet.

we started by just spilling a little water on his back because he was sort of freaking out about it.

he was so fed up with it that he let us dunk him by the end. (ignore the dirty dishes)

aww this is cute. poor guy. :[

we brushed him. and i may have used the blowdryer. he liked it though, because he was cold and it was nice when it was set on warm.

the end. he licked himself for a while. we held him over the heater vent for a little but i don't think he liked that very much either. haha. he is sooo soft and fluffy now. i think he likes it.
he's hot.


after we washed him all up and dried and brushed him, then we got an interesting phone call. josh's dad is in the hospital, after a bad case of food poisoning and some intestinal problems. we went and saw him, and he was about to go into surgery. so please pray for bob! i'm sure that everything will be fine, but its nerve-wrecking to have someone you love being in the hospital!


so after we got home from visiting bob and then visiting josh's sister and family, we came home and were verrrrry hungry. so hungry in fact, that this happened:

and then this....

and finally....

lets just say we both feel a little on the sick side. it was delicious though. the results of bacon in the oven (on 350 for 30 minutes). deeeeeelish.