Friday, October 17, 2008

my week..

job update:
so i stayed with the job. my boss has been much nicer towards me, and its been a little better.

hair update:
i got it dyed at paul mitchell and it took 3 hours. its just black permanently now. i like it.

highlight of the week:
thursday. we had a killer lab (literally), and then i went to a wildtree party

so first, the lab was for techniques of wildlife investigation and management. this week was all about gun and bear safety. we practiced spraying bear spray (not the real stuff, that could get dangerous). we used blow darts, which was kind of hard, but josh was good at it. we used a shotgun that shot out darts, i did okay but i was a little low of the target. there was also the jab stick, which is a big metal pole with a tranq needle sticking out of it. this, of course, was joshs favorite (because it most resembled shanking). then we did this thing, it was some sort of pyrotechnics stuff? you have this little gun and put a firework thing in the end and then pull the trigger. one kind shot out and made a loud 'screaming' noise as it twisted through the air. the other kind shot out and then exploded. it was cool when it exploded in the water, but sometimes it did in the air. i thought this was really fun, minus the fact that it was extremely loud and i hate loud noises. then, there was the pistol and shotgun part. this i did NOT like. it was extremely loud. i don't know how hunters can use those and not get major hearing damage. this part i was not into at all. i just walked away to the other stuff that was still going on. so anyways, that was our lab. probably the best lab we've been on this semester.

then, the wildtree thing. ok, this was awesome. when i went i was kind of skeptical. but then i walked in and there was all this food and veggies and chicken and all these dipping and cooking oils and all this desert etc etc etc. it was food heaven. wildtree is this company that started in rhode island, and its just seasonings, oils, mixes, etc that are all natural. absolutely no preservatives, msg, anything. it has a shelf life of 18 months. there was this alfredo (you buy the alfredo mix and add it to milk and stuff) and it was delicious. this is coming from a girl who HATES alfredo. i hate it. its always really thick creamy sauce that makes you want to barf and its this weird white color. anyways, alfredo is gross. THIS alfredo however was light, had delicious seasonings in it, and was more of a light cheese/butter taste. it was delicious. i am actually salivating right now just remembering it. my other favorite thing was, of course, the oils. its actually grapeseed oil, which is (allegedly) healthier than olive oil. it can cook at higher heats so it doesnt steam or lose its consistency. there was a dipping basil pesto one that i ordered. and then a buttery tasting one. anyways, it was delicious and i highly recommend everyone checking it out. if i was the selling type, i would become a rep for it. apparently theres a booth at the provo farmers market.

so there is this week in a nutshell. sorry if this blog (or parts of it) were boring, but really i don't care :]

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